5th CELL: Anchors in the Drift In-game Cinematic Illustrations

Anchors in the Drift is a mobile adventure that lets players battle against one another using a variety of play styles and classes.


FISHER-PRICE: Little People Wheelies Playset

Above are concept art pieces based on the personalities of pre-existing Little People characters. These would later be used to inspire the following designs of playsets. Fisher-Price designs its toys with the philosophy of “design your Lexus and downsize via constraints to your mom van” to maximize the potential for fun and creativity with every toy.

The following concepts are early “Lexus” designs for Little People’s Wheelies World.

Wheelies World is a multi-part playset. Each part is sold separately and designed with different price targets in mind.
Each playset focuses on a character and highlights their personality.

Eddie the Outgoing

Koby the Joker

Mia the Shy

Sophie the Creative

Tessa the Dancer

Playset centerpiece which connects all the playsets together, spitting the toy cars from one playset into another.

FISHER-PRICE: Little People Disney Playsets

FISHER-PRICE: Little People Pop Culture Figurines

DC Super Hero Girls Figurines: Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl

League of Legends Figurines: Garen, Annie, Tibbers, Lux, Star Guardian Skin Lux

Mario Kart Wheelies Figurines: Princess Peach, Baby Peach, Mario, Tanooki Mario, Wario, Birdo, Yoshi, Yoshi Cart

Super Mario Bros World 1-1 Playset